Our Services

Real estate brokerage

Immobilière Nationale inc., a well established commercial real estate agency, is a registered member of the OACIQ, also known as the  Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (Brokerage Association of Quebec).

The commercial real estate needs and requirements of companies have become increasingly more complex and bear a direct financial impact on their bottom line, that is why more companies are entrusting Immobilière Nationale inc. with their real estate decisions.

Whether you want to sell, buy or lease a property, you will benefit from our knowledge of the market to optimize the terms and conditions of your transaction. Should you wish to sell your property, we will use our extended network of purchasers to market your property. If you are looking to acquire a property, for use or as an investment, we have the tools to find the best opportunity for your company. In the event that you are interested in leasing space, Immobilière Nationale inc. will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the intricate world of office, commercial and industrial leasing.

Occupancy costs management program

In today’s highly competitive business environment, occupancy costs represent a considerable amount that companies cannot ignore.

Immobilière Nationale inc. offers a comprehensive all-in-one cost management program to help companies reduce their occupancy costs. This program allows you to manage the following: lease terms and conditions, real estate data management, lease auditing and cost verification.


Infosite – Corporate real estate management software

Infosite software has been specifically designed for the corporate real estate management department, for leased space and owned properties. As opposed to other softwares designed for owners and property managers, Infosite is a very simple and user-friendly software, yet very sophisticated, designed for end-users.

Infosite is ideal for occupancy cost control, data sharing and management and to increase productivity.

Consult our new website: https://infositesolution.com.